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Creamy Garlic Peri Peri Pull-apart Prego Rolls


A mouthful to say and tasty mouthfulls to eat! This gourmet lunch or light dinner takes cheesy deliciousness to the next level with an added kick of peri peri.


  • 30ml (2 Tbsp) oil
  • 4 skinless chicken breasts, thinly sliced
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) Spur Creamy Garlic Peri Peri Sauce
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) cream
  • 250ml (1 cup) braised onions
  • 6 Portuguese rolls, sliced lengthways
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • 125ml (1/4 cup) grated mozzarella cheese


  • Heat the oil in a medium skillet over high heat.
  • Add the chicken, Spur Creamy Garlic Peri Peri Sauce and cream.
  • Simmer for 8-10 minutes, add the braised onions and simmer for a further 2 minutes.
  • Divide the chicken mixture onto half of the rolls, followed by sliced tomato, cheese and then the top of the rolls.
  • Place in a preheated oven at 200°C for 5 minutes until the cheese has melted and the rolls are crispy.