Pulled Pork & Pine Pizzas


The roasted pineapple and Spur Monkey Gland Sauce combine excellently to ensure great flavours. Simply make the pulled pork ahead and keep in the fridge. Using with the ready-bought pizza bases makes it super quick!

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  • 2 x 24 cm pizza ready-bought bases
  • 200 ml (1 sachet) Spur Tomato & Chilli Sauce
  • 150 g (1½ cups) grated Cheddar or mozzarella cheese
  • 1 red onion, cut into slices
  • About 300 g pulled pork
  • 1 fresh pineapple, sliced and cut into pieces
  • Rocket or coriander for garnishing
Making Quick Pulled Pork


  1. Place pizza bases on greased baking tray. Spread Spur Tomato & Chilli Sauce over the bases.
  2. Topping: Sprinkle cheese over the tomato sauce. Top with red onion, pulled pork and pineapple pieces.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for 10 – 15 minutes. Sprinkle with rocket, coriander or other herbs of choice.
  1. For extra flavour, roast the fresh pineapple pieces in a little oil in a pan until light brown.
  1. The fresh pineapple can also be substitued with a 440 g can pineapples, drained.
  Making Quick Pulled Pork
  1. Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan. Fry the pork until golden brown. Add water and seasoning.
  2. Simmer for about 45 minutes until just cooked through and tender. Break up and pull the pork into stringy pieces. Add Spur Monkey Gland Sauce and mix well. Keep refrigerated for 2 - 3 days.