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Pork Belly


The crisp crackling of well-grilled pork belly – when made perfectly is the ultimate treat!



  • Pat the skin of the pork belly completely dry with paper towels. Rub oil and seasonings into skin.
  • Place skin-side up on rack over oven pan and roast the pork in a preheated oven at 140°C for 2 1/2 – 3 hours.
  • Level the pork by using foil to prop up underneath if necessary, so that crackling will become even.
  • Roast until pork becomes tender and has shrunk in size.
  • Remove from oven and cut pork skin with a very sharp knife to score in straight lines or diamond shapes. Rub more salt and spices and place pork in very hot oven at 230°C or over coals for skin to bubble and form crackling.
  • Brush with Spur Grill Basting, on the underneath, bone side, if preferred. Cut along bones and serve warm.


  • Grill over coals: Ensure the fire is hot and place the pork belly on rack over coals.
  • Grill until golden brown on both sides, about 8 minutes per side. Melting fat may cause flare-ups, so be cautious while grilling.


  • The belly can also be scored ahead of placing in the oven.
  • If you struggle to cut the lines to score into the fat, just leave without cutting. The high heat in oven or coals will still make crackling. Just sprinkle salt over.
  • Salt is very important for making crackling. Rub evenly across the surface of skin from edge to edge to make great crackling.