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Durky Sauce

Durky Sauce

Same great taste! New sexy outfit!

Spur’s Famous Durky (Chicken Wing) Sauce is so much more than just a tasty topping for Buffalo Wings or Meat Balls – this versatile sauce is excellent in bakes and stews and can even be used to spice up a refreshing tomato cocktail. 


Whip it out to add some zing to chicken, chops or chips, or add a dollop to some cream cheese to create a quick, tasty dip. Suitable for vegetarians and available in a handy 500ml bottle with a flip-top pourer, no kitchen cupboard is complete without this culinary all-rounder.


This product is vegan-friendly and contains no animal products.


This product is Halaal certified and Kosher certified.

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Typical Nutritional Information

Per 100 ml
Per 50 ml serving
290 kJ
145 kJ
0.7 g
0.4 g
Glycaemic carbohydrate
16 g
8 g
of which total sugar
6.1 g
Total fat
<0.10 g
0.0 g
of which saturated fat
<0.10 g
0.0 g
of which trans fat
<0.10 g
0.0 g
of which monounsaturated fat
<0.10 g
0.0 g
of which polyunsaturated fat
<0.10 g
0.1 g
0 mg
0 mg
Dietary fibre
0.96 g
0.48 g
Total sodium
1590 mg
795 mg


Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Fresh Onion, Fresh Garlic, Salt, Spices (irradiated), Chemically Modified Cornstarch, Dried Garlic, Flavouring, (Maize Flour, Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Acidity Regulators, Flavour Ecnhancer, Potassium Chloride, Onion Powder, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seed), Permied Flavouring
(Soya, Gluten), Anti-caking Agent), Acidity Regulators, Potassium Chloride, Stabiliser, Flavour Enhancer (MSG), Preservative: Sorbic
Acid, Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancers, Colourant, Non-Nutritive Sweetners: Sodium Cyclamate and Sodium Saccharin.
Allergens: Contains Soya, Gluten and Sulphur Dioxide Stabiliser – xanthan gum (E415) Preservative Sodium Benzoate (E211) Potassium Sorbate (E202)