Cheddamelt Sauce


Stop searching for how to make the best Cheddamelt sauce at home and get the original. Spur’s melt-in-your-mouth Cheddamelt sauce is a creamy mushroom sauce made with lashings of mature cheddar cheese.


Serve it with steaks, hamburgers, schnitzels or baked potatoes to replicate that unmistakable Spur taste at home.


Now available in a convenient 200ml doy pack, Spur Cheddamelt Sauce is suitable for LACTO-OVO vegetarians and contains no added MSG. Heat up for best results and remember to refrigerate after opening.


This product is Halaal certified.

Goes well with

Salads, Snacks & Sides

Typical Nutritional Information

Per 100 ml
Per 50 ml serving
339 kJ
170 kJ
3.8 g
1.9 g
Glycaemic carbohydrate
6 g
3 g
of which total sugar
3.8 g
1.9 g
Total fat
4.1 g
2.1 g
of which saturated fat
2.8 g
1.4 g
of which trans fat
0.1 g
0.1 g
of which monounsaturated fat
1.1 g
0.6 g
of which polyunsaturated fat
0.2 g
0.1 g
12 mg
6 mg
Dietary fibre
0.9 g
0.5 g
Total sodium
378 mg
189 mg